Closure for 2024 Alberta Camp Meeting:

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Sabbath School Classes

Sabbath Mornings (Saturdays) at the times indicated

Cradle Roll, 10:00am* (in-person only)

Kindergarten, 10:00am* (in-person only)

Primary, 10:00am* (in-person only)

Juniors, 10:00am* (in-person only)

Earliteen, 10:00am* (in-person only)

Youth, 10:00am* (in-person only)

Desire of Ages Class – Fellowship Hall, 10:00am* (in-person only)

Adult Class – Sanctuary, 9:30am (in-person only)

Adult Class – Foyer, 9:30am (in-person and via Zoom)
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Meeting ID: 92951777737  Passcode: 737921

Worship Services

Sabbath Mornings (Saturdays), 10:50am to 12:15pm

(in person & livestream via YouTube)
CLICK HERE for the livestream via YouTube

Prayer Meeting

Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm to 8:00pm (in-person only)

For Zoom-based prayer groups, please consult the bulletin.



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