Intercession Challenge

Intercession For Unity Challenge:


133 years ago, a South African pastor named Andrew Murray wrote the following:

"Christ has entrusted the redemption in Christ to His people to make known and communicate to others. In all of this, intercessory prayer is the primary and essential element. As a Christian you are a member of the Body of Christ and have the high calling to intercede for others. The strength that is drawn from true unity within the body of Christ is something inconceivable. The power of each individual member is increased to an unfathomable degree by fellowship within the group. This unity is what we need in our church today; we need enthusiasm for God and His kingdom so that the name of Jesus will be made known to every human being. The prayers of the body of Christ should rise up daily, together, pleading for the power of the Holy Spirit to fall upon each member of the body, that we may have dynamic fellowship with Christ, and receive the power of the Holy Spirit for service" (emphasis added). 

The Challenge:

I am asking for 2 minutes of your time each and every day.  How about 8 p.m.? I am asking that, regardless of denomination and as a church body, you pause whatever you are doing at 8 p.m. and spend two minutes in personal, but unified prayer sincerely asking for the Holy Spirit to enter into the hearts of each one of us who claim the name of Jesus. We pray together, regardless of where we are, or who we are. Two minutes together in prayer.  Could it make a difference?

Think about it.

Pray about it.

Let's do it.