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June 25, 2016 Graduating with Honours by Pastor David Beaudion

"Dealing With Doubt" by David Beaudoin

"Let's Be Honest" by David Beaudoin

"Filling God's House" by David

"A Sure Foundation" by David Beaudoin

"How to Give Lasting Gifts" by Eric Rajah

"The Letter" by Azalea Lehndorff

"A Moment To Remember" by Yvon

"The Glory of God" by Kalman Roller

"Affliction" by David Beaudoin

"Christmas Story" by Yvon Caza

"Holier Than Thou" by Yvon Caza

"The Way Of The Cross" by David

"The Precious Blood Of Jesus" by David Beaudoin

"The Remnant And Its Mission" by David Beaudoin

"Is Your Church Youth-Friendly" by Myles Gillespie

"Don't Throw In The Towel" by David Beaudoin

"Time for a Party" by Lorenzo Rolle

""The Trial of Your Faith" by David Beaudoin

"Redeeming The Time" by Gimps Atismi

"iLove for the iPhone Generation" by
David Beaudoin

"Your Light Has Come" by Gimps Atismi Part 1

"Your Light Has Come" by Gimps
Atismi Part 2

"Saved by Grace" by Yvon Caza

"Communion" by Curtis Letniak

"My Testimony" by Curtis Letniak

"How to Be an On-Fire Christian" by Les Miller

"God Is FOR Us" by Yvon Caza

"Christian Behaviour" by David
Beaudoin Feb 15_14

"In the Shadow of Death" by Yvon Caza

"Are You Plugged Into the Power" by Dave Beaudoin April 19_14

"The Divine Nature" by Aaron Beaudoin May 31, 2014

"For This Purpose" by Curtis Letniak June 28, 2014

"Jonah the Pouting Prophet" part 1 by Yvon Caza June 7_14

"Jonah, the Pouting Prophet" part 2 by Yvon Caza July 26_14

"Confusion or Landmark?" by Alexandru Fudulea Aug 9_14

"Jesus in 3D" by Linel Robinson Aug 16_14

""Jesus Is Everything" by David Beaudoin September 13_14

"The Will" by Curtis Letniak September 20_14

"Looking Beyond Now" by Lorenzo Rolle October 4_14

"Amazing Grace" by Leo Ganson October 11_14

"The Toenails of Time" by David Beaudoin November 1_14

"Our Church Family" by Curtis Letniak November 15 2014

"Two Loads of Dirt" by David Beaudoin November 22 2014

"The Pursuit of Happiness" by Nwamiko Madden, November 29 2014

"You Can't Take It With You" by David Beaudoin December 6 2014

"The First Coming" by David Beaudoin December 13 2014
Cancer and Lifestyle by Gayle Birney
What's Eating You by Gayle Birney

April 25 Service Part 1
April 25 Service Part 2
Lloyd & Gayle "Gardening"
Do Not Pass Me Bye
"Faithful to You, Lord" by Curtis Letniak July 4 2015